In addition to the vaccination discussion, nothing currently seems to polarize the medical world as much as chlorine dioxide . Decried as pipe cleaners, the toxicity studies seem to have received no attention from critics, let alone the other numerous studies. But since the Corona crisis, there has been increasing movement on this topic.

In a WHO-compliant study for the treatment of COVID-19, it shows enormous effectiveness . Is chlorine dioxide the antibiotic of the new age and where is it already being used successfully?

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker has been active in researching and educating people about chlorine dioxide for over 13 years . Moderator Dr. Heidi Wichmann summarizes: “While the defamation campaign against this beneficial molecule is in full swing here, doctors in South America are using it extensively against this virus - with a success rate of at least 97% so far (preclinical study).”

Chlorine dioxide is an electron donor, leads to protonization of the blood and has a blood-thinning effect . When administered intravenously, it causes an increase in oxygen levels of up to 50%. In the body, chlorine dioxide breaks down into harmless salt and oxygen .

Another advantage is that no side effects have been identified so far when using it. Since chlorine dioxide counteracts metabolic acidosis (hyperacidification), it shows promising potential for antiviral and biotic effects in various clinical pictures such as autism, heart problems and diabetes.

“Chlorine dioxide is a completely new technology with enormous potential. If the industry is intelligent enough, it will change,” says Andreas Kalcker.

When Donald Trump recommended using disinfectants, did he mean something like chlorine dioxide and why are people in different countries affected so differently? In this conversation with Dr. Heidi Wichmann reports to Andreas Kalcker about his experiences - especially the positive ones in working with South America. One thing is clear to him: the success story of chlorine dioxide can no longer be stopped.

In addition, the toxicologist Dr. Häcker asks for the following advice regarding hydroxychloroquine: "Very few people know that you should first test for favism. This enzyme defect is also known as bean disease. A deficiency of G6PD. Southerners, Africans and also South Americans can suffer from it. If you give these people the preparation They will die of microthrombi and liver failure."

Here is this from Dr. Heidi Wichmann's interview with Andreas Kalcker can be seen as the latest episode of the broadcast format "The Holistic Angle" :

How do the Ecuadorians and the Turks have an advantage over the Germans?

In the middle of "corona times", Andreas Kalcker provides evidence that chlorine dioxide is highly effective against COVID-19 , just as veterinarian Dirk Schrader has long suspected: "In Ecuador, some of those who were critically ill were brought back to life within 3 days. And now "The military and police there have chosen chlorine dioxide as the first weapon against this nasty disease."

Veterinarian Schrader continues: "How do the Ecuadorians and the Turks have an advantage over the Germans? Are they smarter or more willing to experiment? Because there the use of chlorine dioxide is approved for treatment, as a drug, so to speak.

The solution to the puzzle: There is no lobby of the pharmaceutical industry, no, no Correctiv - no media pack that demonizes this safe and extremely inexpensive therapy in advance obedience!

There is also no such thing as an uneducated and hateful know-it-all clique.

A drama is unfolding in Germany: Government circles are turning a relatively mild flu epidemic here into an epidemic that threatens the “national body” with all the unspeakable consequences of fear-mongering and the destruction of existence. And: they say that there is no effective cure for COVID-19. They say there will be a vaccination soon.

Is it really so difficult to implement Andreas Kalcker's findings and at least try to save life-threatening patients from certain death?

Yes, it must be terribly difficult to change the government's course so that those affected by COVID-19 can continue to live.

However, this means that those responsible for this inhumane course are guilty of failing to provide assistance. They have mutated into criminals for whom the goal they have achieved is obviously more important than the lives of sick fellow human beings.

They don't want to help sick people at all. They want national vaccination and are currently using drugs that are known to have fatal side effects.

This infamy outrages me and I therefore call on the public prosecutor's office to put an end to the murderous activities of those in government and to force the use of chlorine dioxide in severe cases of COVID-19."


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