This short version is aimed at all athletes who want to treat themselves carefully and caringly!

As far as we understand, there are no physical signs of wear and tear!

Rather, it is a lack of regeneration processes that arise from a lack of individual nutrients (normal working people are not exempt from this!)

Unfortunately, it is not widely known that you can supply the body with an excess of bases before exercise in order to significantly push back the limit of acidification !

These vital substances help you to create a base surplus:

    • Sodium bicarbonate, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, zinc citrate
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A clever fox is the one who replenishes his body with such a recipe before exertion !

2-4 hours . You should start with it before the requirement! For larger requirements, it is recommended to start the day before going to bed !

In order to deprive the body of less of its resources or to conserve it, it is necessary to regularly supply all the essential minerals that ensure perfect muscle work, including a quality carbohydrate!

    • Magnesium for cramps
    • Potassium for cellular water balance
    • L-Carnitine to draw in fats to support carbohydrate storage
    • Vitamin C as an oxygen supplier and collagen connective tissue builder
    • Fructose for short-chain carbohydrates
  • You can find these vital substances combined in one of our products: Vital Combi (click here!)

Even during the request, regeneration processes are running!


In order to make regeneration easier for our beloved body, it makes sense to offer it the essential amino acids (MAP Amino) in the right proportions so that unnecessary digestive work is not required and the strongest cell toxin “ammonia”, which is produced by any animal protein source, is exposed!

Some of the essential amino acids are very basic. It would be a complete waste of amino acids if they were used to buffer the hyperacidity of “sore muscle lactic acid”! The multi-mineral would prevent this again!

Special tip :

Rub the body with DMSO-magnesium before and after!

Also promotes performance and reduces regeneration tremendously!

The sulfur that DMSO provides is fundamentally important for building cartilage!

The above is just the basics, which unfortunately very few trainers have as basic knowledge!