Support in building healthy intestinal flora

Our probiotic supports the development of healthy intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is part of our immune system and is important for healthy digestion.

Intestinal flora refers to the entirety of microorganisms that inhabit our intestines. In a healthy intestine, all microorganisms live in symbiosis. This means that they live in a community of mutual benefit. However, this happy community is only possible if the microorganisms in our intestines are in the right proportion to one another. The beneficial intestinal bacteria should significantly outweigh the bad intestinal bacteria (90-95%).

The intestinal flora can become unbalanced due to numerous external influences, which can lead to digestive problems, all kinds of illnesses, susceptibility to infections, skin problems and even depressive moods. These external influences include, for example, an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, antibiotic therapies, radiation therapy, operations, chemotherapy and much more

If the intestinal flora is out of balance, it is advisable to take probiotics to rebuild/rehabilitate it. Of course, this achieves the best effect as part of a varied, healthy and alkaline-excess diet in combination with sufficient sleep and exercise.

Basically, it makes sense to clean and sanitize the intestines 1-2 times a year. There are special colon cleansing programs for this. However, such programs are not suitable for everyone and the right program should be selected for every constitution. Our probiotic is suitable as a component of these intestinal cleansing programs for intestinal reconstruction.


Our intestinal flora building complex is special. It contains 13 different strains of intestinal bacteria and additionally chlorella, barley grass, wheat grass, moringa, guarana and acai berry powder.

  • Chlorella: Supports the body in detoxification (also binds heavy metals).
  • Barley grass: Provides the body with all nutrients in a particularly high and easy-to-use quality. For accelerated elimination of acids and toxins.
  • Moringa: Has a strong antioxidant effect and strengthens the immune system.
  • Guarana: Provides energy, wakes you up and increases performance (form of caffeine).
  • Acai berry powder: Full of vitamins and phytochemicals that have an antioxidant effect and promote cell renewal.

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