You should keep this in mind when buying nutritional supplements!

You, as a customer, are overwhelmed by a wide variety of offers these days. We have to say that producing nutritional supplements has now become very easy and the market is literally flooded with products. As a consumer, you are probably wondering

What is the right product

Of course, every company claims that their products are the best.

On this page we would like to do some educational work . We will give you points that you should pay attention to when buying nutritional supplements.

✓ Dosage: As a dietary supplement manufacturer, we are often bound to guidelines. This means that we are only allowed to put a limited amount of an ingredient (e.g. vitamin C) in a product. You should make sure that the products are based on the upper limits.

✓ Bioavailability: The human body absorbs different vitamins or minerals differently. For example: There are many different compounds in the area of ​​magnesium. The human body cannot absorb magnesium oxide as well as magnesium citrate, for example. Since magnesium oxide is much cheaper to purchase, many manufacturers (unfortunately) use magnesium oxide...

✓ (Unnecessary) additives: Many flavor enhancers or artificial sugar are used, especially in powders that you have to drink.

✓ Excipients and release agents: Excipients are often used in the production of capsules or tablets as this simplifies production. These excipients then also end up in the product. E.g.: magnesium stearate (magnesium salts of fatty acids), glycerin…

✓ Origin of the ingredients: We recommend that you pay attention to the origin. We only have one planet and we should protect it as best we can. That's why we always pay attention to the organic quality of our products.


It's worth taking a look at the ingredients of every product. If a website doesn't make this public on the site, you should stay away from it.

Another very good indicator is the price: If a product is significantly cheaper than comparable products, this is an indication of cheap ingredients (see bioavailability and release agents)

You only have one health . Please pay attention and don't save money at the wrong end!

Important information: Every person is different. Gender, height, weight, age, job, living situation, eating habits, sporting activities... This list could go on forever...

But why are we mentioning this?

Quite simply: Since we are all different, dietary supplements work differently for everyone! Therefore, you should test supplements for at least 1 month (better even 3) to see whether they work for you. Only then can you really say something about the products and their effects. So if a product doesn't work immediately after a few days, give it some time! Your body will thank you!

That's why HS Activa products!

High bioavailability

We only use raw materials that the human body can absorb quickly and easily

100% organic and GMO free

We use valuable plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation or the best natural raw materials available worldwide.

Highly dosed ingredients

We only use high-dose plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and vitamins for our products.

Working in the healthcare sector since 1985

In 1985 Josef Hölzl opened his first fitness studio. Since 2006 he has been developing nutritional supplements that he always wanted as an athlete!

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