Order hair analysis by email

Why can you only order the hair analysis by email?

Payment providers such as Paypal or Klarna do not allow us to offer hair analysis. Therefore, we can only offer orders via advance payment (via email).

This is how you can order:

  1. Write us an email to: support@hs-activa.com
  2. Subject: Hair analysis
  3. Content of the email: Your complete address + the following sentence “I would like to order a hair analysis”

Cost : €129.90 (including shipping costs and VAT) instead of €140.00 .

This is how the order works:

After we have received your email, we will place the order in advance and send you the invoice. As soon as you have paid, you will receive a letter with all the important documents for the hair analysis.

Further information about hair analysis can be found on the product page: https://www.hs-activa.com/products/haarmineralstoffanalyse

We look forward to your order.

If something is unclear, you can always send us an email: support@hs-activa.com