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Zinc Plus C

✅ Zinc plays an outstanding role in the entire metabolic process. The microelement zinc converts proteins from food into the body's own protein ( cell renewal ).

✅ As part of the immune system, zinc is vital for the formation of lymphocytes , antibody production and the activity of natural killer cells.

​✅ In the right dose , vitamin C helps, among other things, to reduce fatigue and supports the normal function of the immune and nervous systems as well as energy metabolism. Vitamin C is considered a cofactor for zinc and increases its effectiveness.

vitamin C

✅ Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for health. It not only strengthens the immune system and protects against colds, but also makes you more resistant to stress .

✅ Skin, hair, connective tissue and bones cannot be built without vitamin C, as it is involved as a coenzyme in the formation of collagen .

✅ High dosage: 500 mg of natural vitamin C per capsule! .

Our insider tip: L-lysine

L-lysine is a basic amino acid, which is one of the least available in the natural food chain!

The outstanding function of L-lysine in the immune defense:

It is known from conventional medicine that when a pathogen (virus, bacteria) finds its way into our body, it multiplies in the cells that first got there . And then using the enzyme (collagenase) that it (the virus) stimulates itself, it gains access to the surrounding cells.

Without this collagenase enzyme , it is not possible for it to spread throughout the organism!

This is exactly where L-lysine 's immune system supporting properties come into play. Because if a pathogen lacks the key it needs (colgenase enzyme) to get out of its inhabited cell and into the surrounding cells or the bloodstream, then the immune system has an easy time eliminating the localized foreigner!

However, if a pathogen can get into the most remote places of the body unchecked using its key and multiply there, it takes approx. 7-10 days until our organism, depending on the available forces (vitamin C, zinc, etc.) , completely eliminates the invaders has .


From experience, lysine therapy should also be carried out for 7-10 days without interruption !

It is usually the case that you feel great again the next day. Appearances are deceiving ! They are of course more resilient since the intruder is already decimated! But if you stop taking lysine too early, the virus will reproduce and you will become ill again! So be sure to take it for 7-10 days !

How much :

3 x 5 capsules is the minimum with an average weight of 70kg!

If you take more of it, your entire organism will benefit from the other positive supporting areas in which L-lysine is involved:

  • immune system
  • Cell division
  • As a building block of collagen, lysine is also an important component of the vessel walls and can therefore strengthen the artery walls and prevent plaques
  • Bone growth
  • Serves as a starting material for the own synthesis of L-carnitine, which enables fat metabolism and protects the heart
  • Vital for the formation of various enzymes, hormones and antibodies

Does L-lysine also help prevent viral infections? YES!!!

The minimum amount should then not be less than 1.5 - 2 grams / day!

Can you overdose on L-lysine or are there side effects ? Nothing known!

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Application : At the first sign of a cold.

Our recommendation: 3 x 5 capsules (morning, lunch and evening with a meal) per day. For at least 7 days (even if you feel better after the first day!).

High dosage: 500 mg L-lysine per capsule!

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Vitamin C: 3 x 1 capsule per day

Lysine: At the first sign of a cold, 3 x 5 capsules (morning, lunch and evening with a meal) per day

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