Important information if you have problems with the payment provider Klarna

If you are reading these lines, you have ordered from us with Klarna and are having problems... You have come to the right place...

First of all we would like to thank you for your order !

Since there are occasional problems with the payment provider Klarna , we would like to explain the background to you here.

Klarna is our payment provider for purchase on account, instant transfer and installment purchase. Once you have chosen this payment option, unfortunately there is not much we as HS Activa can do.
We CANNOT do the following for you:
- Send you the IBAN or intended use of Klarna
- Send you the invoice from Klarna
Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we would be happy to assist you with any issue you may have. Unfortunately, our hands are tied in this case... So if you have any problems, you must always contact Klarna DIRECTLY (so let us do it).
You can reach Klarna customer service here:
We have already contacted Klarna directly about this “problem”. We were just told that there was nothing we (HS Activa) could do and that you as a customer should contact Klarna directly. See here:

I hope I was able to bring the topic a little closer to you. I hope for your understanding!

Yours, Josef Hölzl

PS: Here is the link to Klarna customer support again: