Are you interested in a cooperation?

We are always interested in collaborations! However, there are important points for us that must be met!

Point 1: We only work with people who really value our products.

Point 2: We don't do a pure business for money in return for posting.

Of course you should be paid for your work ! And this is how you can earn money with our products:

You are welcome to register with us as a partner. There you get 10% commission per sale. We are happy to provide products depending on the size of your fan base!

Why is remuneration based purely on commission?

We think this is the fairest solution for everyone .

For us: We have no risk and know that you will put a lot of effort into presenting our product. No effort, no sales and no commission...

For you: If you present our product well, you will be rewarded accordingly with the high commission (more than you would earn with a pure posting...) + we will work together in the long term.

get it contact with us

If you are interested, please contact us by email:

You can also register directly in our partner portal:

Tip for you

You can save yourself statements such as “I have a business and have to finance my living with it. Therefore, I cannot work on a commission basis.” No company likes to hear that! This shows that you only care about the money and don't care about the products.

Guess what! As a company, we also have to pay for the product, storage, production, rent, shipping, employees, marketing, external service providers, etc. It is therefore not interesting for us to work with influencers who only cost us money and do not bring in any sales...

Therefore: If you really appreciate our products, we are happy to have you on our team!