Instructions on how to order in our online shop

On this page we would like to show you how you can order in our online shop.

Step 1: Open the product page

You can find all products here:

Click on the product you are interested in. E.g. hydrogen peroxide

2nd step: Add the product to the shopping cart

On the product page, click on the green “Add to Cart” button

Step 3: Go to shopping cart

You can find the button in the top right corner. Or at this URL:

Step 4: Go from shopping cart to checkout

You can find the shopping cart here:

5th step: Enter customer details and delivery address

First enter your customer details. Then click on the green button at the bottom.

Step 6: Select shipping

Specify which shipping method you would like. Then click on the green button again below

7th step: Select payment method

We currently offer the following payment options (you can change these at any time):
- Credit card
- Purchase on account (with Klarna)
- Instant transfer (with Klarna)
- Installment purchase (with Klarna)

8th step: Order was successful

After you have successfully ordered, you will be taken to a thank you page. This looks something like this:

Thank you for your order!