Update: And so it continues...

First of all, thank you for continuing to support us. We really appreciate that!

Here is a plan for when the products will go online again (delays can always occur. We ask for your understanding...)

Expected from September 22nd/23rd:

Hydrogen peroxide, alkaline bath (100 ml), boron + magnesium, borax, iron + vitamin B12, ginko biloba, red panax ginseng, good mood (L-tryptophan plus), sleep well (melatonin plus), vegan omega 3, vitamin B complex ( 60 capsules), vitamin B12 + iron, vitamin D3 + K2 (30,000 and 10,000 IU), willow bark, multimineral powder in all flavors (raspberry, passion fruit and neutral), sodium bicarbonate capsules, potassium citrate (capsules and powder), L-carnitine, Maximus , MSM Pur capsules, premium potassium powder, probiotic capsules, Vital Combi, vitamin C (capsules and powder) and zinc citrate, CDL, stevia

From week 39 (from September 27th):

Multimineral 250 capsules, sodium bicarbonate powder, detox, against menstrual cramps, L-lysine, magnesium 300, magnesium chloride powder, MAP Amino (300 and 1000 pellets), MSM Plus sulfur capsules, MSM powder, silicon dioxide, vitamin B complex 250 capsules

These products are still pending due to legal obstacles (we are still waiting to hear back from the health department and our lawyers):

- Remedies for warts


- Magnesium oil

We ask for your understanding if things don't happen as quickly as expected... As the saying goes: "Good things take time"

Until then, I wish you all the best!

Yours, Josef Hölzl