First aid for heartburn

In order to neutralize the flood of acid that occurs every day, our body needs bases. He gets this from the food he eats or suitable nutritional supplements. Another source of base comes from the body's own production, in which the stomach is involved.

An unhealthy lifestyle and diet with lots of ready-made products and little fresh food rich in vital substances, as well as stress, lack of exercise and lack of sleep lead to acidification in the body. This can have a negative impact on stomach health and lead to heartburn.

Our Basicum can provide you with first aid for heartburn and have a positive effect on the acid-base balance in the body.


HS ACTIVA Basicum contains sodium bicarbonate. This corresponds exactly to the active ingredient that the body ideally produces itself in sufficient quantities to ensure a balanced acid-base balance.

However, the organism cannot produce sodium bicarbonate in sufficient quantities if we live in a rhythm of hyperacidity.

Simply drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.

  • Helps with heartburn and prevents kidney stones .
  • Helps with bladder infections and sore muscles .
  • Can have a positive effect on constipation .
  • Regulates the pH value in the event of hyperacidity.

The HS Activa health guarantee

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