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L-Tryptophan can be converted into serotonin. Serotonin is also known as the happiness hormone .

When it is released in the body, it ensures increased well-being and has a mood-enhancing effect .

Lots more information and studies on L-tryptophan in our blog: https://www.hs-activa.com/blogs/news/tryptophan

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Natural mood enhancer: L-tryptophan is the building block for the release of the happiness hormone “serotonin”
Promotes recovery: L-tryptophan contributes to relaxation and calming

■ Additional ingredients: magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin B3 + B6 ( for an improved effect )

Vitamin D3 + K2

Vitamin D plays an important role in the regulation of the brain messenger serotonin and influences the utilization of dopamine and the synthesis of norepinephrine. All of these messenger substances have an influence on mood and psychological state .

Additionally: Many studies now show that a high vitamin D level helps ensure that the course of corona disease is very mild.

For you this means: Increase your vitamin D3 level , then you (probably) won't notice the disease at all!

You can find a lot of information about a vitamin D deficiency in our blog: https://www.hs-activa.com/blogs/news/vitamin-d-lack

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■ Perfect for anyone who wants to support their immune system and improve their mood (especially in winter).
■ Additional ingredient: Vitamin K2 improves the absorption of vitamin D3!
■ High dose: 10,000 or 30,000 IU per capsule!

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What are the dosage recommendations for the products?

Tryptophan: 1 capsule per day (preferably on an empty stomach and 30 minutes BEFORE the next meal)

Vitamin D3 +K2: 1 capsule per day

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