Further information about our hydrogen peroxide

IMPORTANT - You should note this when you have received the package:


!!! Storage without removing the welded seal will cause the bottle to swell and therefore leak!!!


Since we offer non-stabilized hydrogen peroxide (no stabilizers such as phosphoric acid), oxygen is constantly escaping! The effect wears off over time. The product doesn't go "bad", you just have to dose it higher to get the same effect.

When transported by DHL, swelling of the bottle is completely normal and is a quality feature (with hydrogen peroxide with stabilizers, no oxygen escapes)!

To prevent the hydrogen peroxide bottle from bursting, please note the following:

  1. Please open the hydrogen peroxide bottle immediately upon receipt.
  2. Pull off the seal to allow excess gas to escape .
  3. After opening the hydrogen peroxide bottle, please store it upright to avoid liquid leakage.

If there were any problems with delivery, please contact us : support@hs-activa.com

More information about hydrogen peroxide

✓ 20 application examples for hydrogen peroxide: Download PDF (click here) - We distance ourselves from internal applications! The information in the PDF is intended solely to provide information!

Frequently asked questions

What makes our hydrogen peroxide so special?

VERY SIMPLE: We do NOT use stabilizers !

Why do we do without stabilizers?

You can compare stabilizers in hydrogen peroxide to preservatives in food. These preservatives make the food last longer. However, these substances have many disadvantages for our health. Our health and the health of our customers is our top priority! That's why we deliberately avoid using stabilizers!

BEWARE of stabilizers!

The most commonly used stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide is phosphoric acid . You can find out more in this document: https://www.hs-activa.com/phosphorsaure

Therefore, always make sure that you buy hydrogen peroxide WITHOUT stabilizers !

How long does hydrogen peroxide last?

Since we do NOT use stabilizers that make the hydrogen peroxide last long, you should use it within 12 weeks of receiving the bottle(s). Storage in the refrigerator is recommended, but it can only slow down volatilization, not stop it!

We would not recommend storing it for a period of 4 months, as volatilization will have already progressed by then! Advanced volatilization means reduced effectiveness, increase dosage accordingly!

Why do we use a PE bottle and not a glass bottle?

The costs, which would be listed below, prevented us from preferring these:
- Purchase prices for raw bottles
- Transport costs due to the significantly higher weight of the raw bottles
- Higher shipping costs due to the significantly higher weight
- Risk of breakage during transport, resulting in additional work for the inner packaging

Additionally : Since we do not use stabilizers, oxygen constantly escapes. This means that the bottle can burst in extreme situations. We don't want to take this risk.

Can I use diluted hydrogen peroxide 3.5% for inhalation?

Yes, this has many advantages: Since the main absorption of oxygen takes place in our lungs, it is very useful to provide a higher supply of oxygen here! A very common handling is to add 1ml of 3.5% hydrogen peroxide to 10ml of the inhalation solution (1 in 10), please do not use saline solution!!!

Preferably pure osmosis or distilled water! Another advantage is that if the user has candida fungus, this will also be treated! It is highly recommended to take deep breaths when inhaling. This requires a certain amount of training, practice, it pays off


Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide 3.5%, without stabilizers! Highly energized through the use of primeval water

Does the PE bottle not release harmful substances into its contents?

No! PE and HDPE bottles are specially suitable plastic bottles in which solvents, such as hydrogen peroxide in our case, can be filled, regardless of concentration!

Do you have a question?

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Email: info@hs-activa.com

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