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Whether fat or thin, many women struggle with cellulite . While you can safely ignore the unsightly dents on your bottom, thighs or upper arms in winter and hide them under well-fitting jeans, things look completely different in summer. In a bikini, swimsuit or shorts, the problem areas are clearly visible and you often feel uncomfortable .

In this article we would like to explain to you why applying skin-tightening creams externally does not help with cellulite and what you can really do to feel completely comfortable in your skin again.

What is cellulite and how does it occur?

Cellulite is an accumulation of metabolic waste in connective tissue . With the development of cellulite, our body alerts us to hyperacidification and simultaneous demineralization of the connective tissue.

Hyperacidification occurs when the acid-base ratio in the body develops in the acidic direction over the long term.

A favorable acid-base ratio is usually 2:8 and is ideal for us to stay healthy. Why is that? Because most of our organs love and need an alkaline environment (e.g. the small intestine, the blood, the pancreas or the connective tissue) in order to be fully functional.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle and diet automatically leads to a permanently unfavorable shift in the acid-base ratio in the acidic direction . So more acids enter the body every day than bases. To excrete these excess acids, our body uses the excretory organs lungs, kidneys, skin and menstruation.

If these excretory organs are permanently overloaded , the acids can no longer be completely eliminated. Since acids are known to be extremely corrosive and cannot simply migrate freely through the body, the body's own emergency plan now takes effect. The acids must be neutralized. This happens with the help of alkaline minerals. As a result, the acids lose their caustic character and become so-called neutral salts .

The basic minerals required for this are taken from food or from the body's own mineral depots; these depots are, for example, the hair base, the blood vessel walls, the bones/cartilage/intervertebral discs or the connective tissue.

As you can see from this list, hyperacidity can not only lead to the formation of cellulite, but also the development of osteoporosis, arthrosis/arthritis, hair loss, gout, herniated discs, kidney stones, rheumatism, eye diseases and much more. get in touch. In addition, hyperacidity is associated with chronic inflammatory diseases or the development of tumors and cancer.

The neutralized acids (neutral salts) are now temporarily stored by the body in the connective tissue and are noticeable, among other things, in the development of cellulite. This is also referred to as “slag” and slagging of the connective tissue.

What can you do specifically against cellulite?

The measures against cellulite mentioned below not only help you get beautiful, firm connective tissue, but also have a very positive overall effect on your health and vitality .

  1. Alkaline excess diet

With the help of an alkaline diet, we reduce the daily flood of acids to a healthy level. The body now has the capacity to excrete stored acids and toxins again, as the elimination organs are no longer constantly overloaded. Basic or alkaline-forming foods include:

        1. Almost all vegetables / best raw
        2. Salads
        3. ripe fruits
        4. Almonds
        5. Sprouted nuts
        6. sprouts
        7. and much more.

  1. Do you drink much!

It is best to drink at least 2.5 liters of still water, alkaline or herbal teas. The body needs a lot of pure water in order to be able to transport the dissolved acids out of the body as quickly as possible. It's best to use an osmosis device (a water filter) or drink water from the bottlers, Plose or Laurentaner! Ionized water not only has a high electrical charge, which the body's cells absorb, but also an increased pH value!

  1. Take alkaline baths regularly.

Alkaline baths provide optimal support for the body during deacidification. The pH values ​​of up to 8.5 in the bath water open the skin's canal system and encourage it to remove excess acids and pollutants via the sebaceous glands. During a deacidification treatment, we recommend that you take an alkaline full bath twice a week (be careful if you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems!) and, if possible, do an alkaline foot bath every day on “full bath-free” days.

Tip: Our little butterfly soap (free with every order) has a pH value of 9.5 -10 and therefore helps to remove the acid from the skin, which in turn creates space to remove further acid!
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  1. Sports and sauna

This point is probably unsurprising and yet it is neglected by many. Move for at least 20 minutes a day, preferably in the fresh air! Moderate exercise and brisk walks stimulate deacidification via the lungs and skin.

  1. Basic minerals and vital substances

The organism should be regularly supplied with basic minerals and vital substances in order to replenish the body's own mineral depots and neutralize any new acids. High-quality, holistic nutritional supplements that provide minerals, trace elements and vital substances in a natural combination are suitable for this purpose.

For the right products, please take a look at our “Beautiful skin, hair and nails” category: https://www.hs-activa.com/pages/haut-haare-naegel

  1. Massages

Massages with a natural massage oil stimulate blood circulation and stimulate metabolism. It is best to choose a natural product for your massage so as not to burden the body with chemical-synthetic ingredients.

*The pH value is the measurement of the acid-base ratio.

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