Amino acids help you lose weight and have a toned body

So helfen Ihnen Aminosäuren beim Abnehmen und einem straffen Körper - HS Activa

In the ever-growing world of health and weight management, many are looking for effective and sustainable solutions. And that's where MAP comes in - an innovation that has revolutionized the way we approach proteins.

If you are looking for an effective supplement to your diet or want to take your health and fitness to a new level, then MAP AMINO is for you.

The dietary benefits of MAP AMINO

  1. MAP-AMINO ensures quick and qualitative satiety as it is absorbed in the small intestine within around 23 minutes and is immediately available to the body for protein synthesis*.

  2. The amino acids contained in MAP significantly reduce the burden on the excretory organs as they only produce 1% nitrogen waste . This frees up capacity that can be used for other elimination processes.

  3. The increased amounts of basic amino acids in MAP contribute to the regulation of acid-base balance . Especially during weight loss, increased acids are produced, which can be more easily buffered by the amino acids in MAP.

  4. The MAP amino acids promote muscle building , especially in combination with physical exercise and stress. Muscles are known to increase the basal caloric metabolic rate and help prevent an undesirable “yo-yo effect”.

Order MAP-Amino in our shop!

■ MAP-Amino provides you with all 8 vital amino acids that the human body needs!

■ MAP-Amino is unbeatably cheap compared to all other protein sources and reaches the blood in just 23 minutes.

■ Small pellet, 100% vegan and pleasant to swallow!

The low-carb diet

Are you considering going on a low-carb diet for a limited period of time to lose weight or switching your diet completely to low-carb?

The low-carb diet is a popular trend that comes from America and has experienced a real boom there. The main goal of a low-carb diet is to dramatically reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

In this diet , only up to 150 g of carbohydrates can be consumed per day , which means that bread, potatoes and pasta are either completely removed from the menu or are only allowed in reduced form. Instead, the focus is increasingly on consuming valuable proteins and fats .

The low-carb diet offers you many health benefits.

Contrary to many fears, low-carb foods can fill you up. Because fats and proteins take longer to digest, which means your feeling of fullness lasts longer and your hunger is curbed in the long term . This is very beneficial if you want to lose weight in the long term.

A low-carb diet not only helps you lose weight and reduces visible subcutaneous fat , but also the not directly visible visceral fat around your internal organs. This visceral fat can cause significant damage.

The low-carb diet also relieves strain on your heart and protects against cardiovascular diseases , as excess weight has a negative impact on blood pressure. Reducing carbohydrates lowers triglyceride levels in the blood, which greatly increase the risk of heart attack.

In contrast to a diet rich in carbohydrates, a diet based on fat and protein ensures more stable blood sugar levels . This allows you to remain consistently productive and avoid strong fluctuations that can have a negative impact on attention, memory and learning.

A low-carb diet improves your energy and concentration at work and in everyday life. It gives you a constant supply of energy and prevents you from becoming dependent on constant sugar intake, which is both mentally and physically stressful in the long run.

The role of MAP AMINO in the low-carb diet

Regardless of whether you want to integrate low-carb into your everyday life as part of a time-limited diet or in the long term, it is important to always ensure a balanced and sufficient intake of high-quality proteins and fats in order to be fit, toned and muscular.

Proteins play a crucial role in the body as they are involved in numerous vital processes . As the building blocks of life, proteins help build and repair tissues, including organs, muscles, skin, hair and nails, among other things.

In order to stay healthy, you should not only get enough animal proteins (low-carb is not a “steak diet”), but also with plant proteins. Since these cover part of the need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

For a better overview of protein sources, we have explained all protein sources with their advantages and disadvantages in detail in this blog post:

MAP AMINOs in powder or pressed form are particularly suitable for the daily supply of vital proteins.

While you simply take our pellets with water, you can use the powder in smoothies, juices, pancakes, etc.

Benefits of MAP Amino for your body

High-quality protein and amino acid supply with 99% utilization
Prevention of unwanted muscle loss
Strengthening and firming muscles and connective tissue
Healthy and quick reduction of excess pounds as part of a diet

Our recommended daily intake of MAP AMINO while dieting

First of all, an overdose with MAP-AMINOs is not possible. Take 8-10 tablets or 8-10 g of powder to replace dietary protein from fish, meat or poultry with lunch or dinner.

What makes our MAP from HS Activa so special?

  • Our MAP is made from non-GMO raw materials and is free of any auxiliary substances and additives!

  • MAP-AMINO consists of 100% free, crystalline amino acids, which are obtained through fermentation from gene-free corn and cane sugar. Contains no additives or auxiliary materials.

  • MAP-AMINO, has 100% bioavailability.

  • MAP-AMINO, delivers the 8 essential amino acids in the optimal ratio, adapted to the human code.

  • MAP-AMINOS, so humans achieve 99% amino acid utilization and as a result only have 1% nitrogen waste (ammonia) that needs to be excreted.

  • MAP-AMINOS have only 0.4 kcal per 10 pellets or 11g powder, but these provide the human organism with the same amount of usable structural amino acids as approx. 350g fish, meat or poultry.

Order MAP-Amino in our shop!

■ MAP-Amino provides you with all 8 vital amino acids that the human body needs!

■ MAP-Amino is unbeatably cheap compared to all other protein sources and reaches the blood in just 23 minutes.

■ Small pellet, 100% vegan and pleasant to swallow!

* Protein synthesis refers to the process by which the body makes its own proteins. This happens by forming proteins from amino acids that the body obtains from food or from special protein sources. These endogenous proteins play a critical role in many vital functions in the body, including tissue building and repair, enzyme activity, and regulation of metabolic processes.

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