CDL - Correction of the STR_F post on YouTube

Once again there was negative talk about dietary supplements in the mainstream media. This time it's about the product chlorine dioxide solution (CDL).

The YouTube channel “STR_F” published an incredibly one-sided report about the product (See: ). And (intentionally) spread false facts. Since we sell CDL ourselves, we would like to comment on this and correct a few points.

10 untruths listed

1. Falsehood


Chlorine dioxide, CDL and MMS are mentioned throughout the article. The same product for STR_F… But they are different products !

CDL or chlorine dioxide solution: Hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite are reacted in a cannula. The resulting gases are introduced into water using a syringe. You can then drink the water that is enriched with chlorine dioxide gas.

This creates in the body: oxygen, water and table salt

Chlorine dioxide or MMS: Hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite are reacted. The finished mixture is then diluted with water and drunk.

IMPORTANT: We advise against chlorine dioxide and MMS! This is the WRONG way of making it! We only recommend the product “Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDL)”. See our product:

2. Falsehood

Minute 4:14: Rainer T.'s talk clearly mentions “ chlorine dioxide solution ”. Why does STR_F still not differentiate between the individual products CDL, MMS and chlorine dioxide? For us, this is a deliberate deception of the user , as we will see later...

3. Falsehood

Minute 6:05: This explains how to produce chlorine dioxide or MMS. Afterwards they also say that you can buy ready-made solutions (CDL). So you know that there are different products. But for you it's all the same product. That is simply wrong ! Either poorly researched or deliberately deceived. For us, as we will see later…

4. Falsehood

Minute 6:50: It is said that there are people who do real business with this. What's so bad about being paid to heal people? The pharmaceutical industry definitely makes more money than alternative practitioners...

5. Falsehood

Minute 9:03: It can be seen that the difference between CDL and MMS is discussed in the lecture. We'll see why this is important in a moment...

10% discount for our CDL in our shop!

Chlorine dioxide solution 0.3% (CDL, CDS) for your own production - DMSO, lactic acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. Additionally cannulas, syringes and instructions

Premium quality: With us you only receive high-quality CDL in the best purity, without any residue.

Effect: CDL has an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-tiny parasite effect

6. Falsehood

Minute 11:28: This shows how you can make a chlorine dioxide solution. With cannula and syringe. At this point at the latest, the reporter should now know the difference between MMS and chlorine dioxide solution. Then why don't you differentiate between the individual products? As already said, for us this is a clear deception of the users!

7. Falsehood

Minute 12:48: The reporter complains that so much ignorance and untruths were spread in the seminar. Then why do you spread such untruths? Shouldn't you lead by example? As I read before, she knows exactly the difference between CDL and MMS!


Minute 13:20: Application examples (probably from the seminar) can be seen. We are talking about MMS and CDL here. Of course, it may be that the seminar did not provide proper information. The reporter should still know the difference. If not, you shouldn't publish a post like this. However, we think she understood the difference!

8. Falsehood

Minute 14:21: MMS that the reporter made herself is being examined in the laboratory. As already mentioned, MMS can be harmful! However, in the seminar she learned how to make CDL (with a cannula and syringe). Why don't you get this checked out? For us, another deliberate deception

9. Falsehood (one-sided reporting)

Minute 19:30: People talk about how dubious it is if you have to sign a liability waiver. Have you ever had an operation in the hospital? Don't you have to sign a liability waiver? Why isn't this mentioned in this context? Of course it doesn't fit into the story...

10. Falsehood

From minute 20:15: The visit to the doctor is played back as a memory protocol . The doctor there constantly talks about “chlorine dioxide”.

Our guess: The doctor means or also said “chlorine dioxide solution”. It's just misrepresented.

The reason for our assumption: The book “The CDL Manual” is shown, in which application examples are listed. There they also talk about CDL (chlorine dioxide solution, NOT MMS or chlorine dioxide)... The reporter also says “chlorine dioxide solution” at minute 21:58. In the next cut she talks about MMS again... Either she still doesn't know the difference between the individual products or she deliberately lumps everything together.

You, dear reader, should now decide for yourself...


Until the end, the reporter CANNOT distinguish between CDL (chlorine dioxide solution) and MMS/chlorine dioxide. We suspect that you deliberately want to deceive the users. Variant 2 is that she simply didn't understand the difference. Then you should n't make a report like that.

At school that would have been a topic off topic . Put, 6!

And where was the team that proofread the article before it was published? A script is being written! Clear consumer deception !

It's a shame that you can't report sensibly about a product like this... With our correction we would like to take away your uncertainty (fear) and do some educational work!

Addition (For those interested!)

We carried out a meaningful pH value test ourselves:

Starting water : 100ml distilled water pH value 5.7 with a PPM/TDS value 001

MMS/chlorine dioxide:

1 drop each of 10% hydrochloric acid and 22.4% sodium chlorite. 45 sec response time. Then diluted with 100ml distilled water. The MMS/chlorine dioxide resulted in a pH value of 3.7 with a PPM/TDS value of 125!

Chlorine dioxide solution:

1 drop each of 10% hydrochloric acid and 22.4% sodium chlorite. 120 sec reaction time in the syringe, then transferred to 100ml distilled water. The chlorine dioxide solution had a pH value of 5.91 with a PPM/TDS value of 109!


  • MMS is a strongly acidic solution with pH value 3.7 (see update at the bottom)
  • CDL had a pH value of 5.91 in the test and therefore slightly increased pH

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Chlorine dioxide solution 0.3% (CDL, CDS) for your own production - DMSO, lactic acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. Additionally cannulas, syringes and instructions

Premium quality: With us you only receive high-quality CDL in the best purity, without any residue.

Effect: CDL has an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-tiny parasite effect

Update : We made a small mistake.

We have written:

  • MMS / CDS is a strongly acidic solution with pH 3.7

Of course CDS is the same as CDL. CDS is just the English term for CDL.

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Sylvia Schiefer

Sylvia Schiefer

Der größte Feind der Schulmedizin ist der gesunde Mensch und der Tod.
CDL, also die CHLORDIOXID LÖSUNG, ist ein preiswertes und wirksames Mittel gegen viele gesundheitliche Beschwerden.

Ingrid Brich

Ingrid Brich

Schon vor einigen Tagen habe ich versucht, Sie auf diesen Fehler hinzuweisen: ich kopiere Ihren betreffenden Text hier noch einmal:

MMS / CDS, ist eine stark saure Lösung von pH-Wert 3,7
CDL hat im Test den pH-Wert 5,91 und somit pH leicht erhöht

So steht es in Ihrer Zusammenfassung des Zusatzes (für Interessierte)
Sie setzen hier mms mit CDs gleich und das ist nicht richtig. In Ihrem Artikel geht es doch darum, dass man mms
nicht mit chlordioxid solution (Cds)/
Chlordioxidlösung (Cdl) gleichsetzen bzw. verwechseln darf!
Durch diesen Fehler entwerten Sie Ihren Artikel, denn Sie tun damit das, was Sie der Reporterin zu Recht vorwerfen!
Bitte korrigieren Sie diesen Fehler!
Sonst tragen Sie dazu bei, dass Cds weiterhin bekämpft wird!

Ingrid Brich

Ingrid Brich

In ihrer Zusammenfassung ist glaube ich ein Fehler unterlaufen:
„MMS/CDS ist eine stark saure Lösung vom pH-Wert 3,7“
CDS ist doch gerade nicht MMS, sondern ein anderes Wort für CDL, nämlich chlordioxid solution.
In dem darunter stehenden Produktangebot ist es auch richtig.
Falls ich Recht habe bitte schnell korrigieren, denn das schafft natürlich gerade in diesem Artikel zusätzliche Verwirrung!

Evelyn Jungke

Evelyn Jungke

Frechheit… ist ja wiedermal typisch , unglaublich keine Ahnung, aber negative Kommentare loslassen, das kennen wir ja mittlerweile, ich weiß auch wer dahinter steckt……das Beste was es gibt 100% reiner Sauerstoff…perfekt !!!! nur die Menschen schön dumm halten, sonst könnten sie ja gesunden…. die meisten Menschen kennen nicht mal ihren Sauerstoffgehalt in ihrem Blut !! SAUERSTOFF IST LEBEN ….ohne = Tod ………

Martin Mutter

Martin Mutter

Da habt ihr am Schluss doch glatt selbst noch einen Fehler reingebracht. CDS heißt Chlor-Dioxid-Solution und hat die gleiche Bedeutung wie CDL, Chlor-Dioxid-Lösung. Es ist eben nur auf englisch. Ich wende es selbst seit Jahren bei Bedarf an und habe gute Erfolge damit. Ich stelle es nach Kalcker mit der Glas in Glas-Methode und 50%iger Zitronensäure als Aktivator her.

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