Do you also believe in the false truth that calcium is missing in osteoporosis?

Do you know anyone who does not suffer from calcification symptoms of any kind as they age?

In our blog post “ You are killing your children and yourself ” I have hopefully presented the explosive nature of the ratios of table salt (sodium chloride) to potassium (table salt substitute) in a sufficiently understandable way.

My question to you: What are the two most common causes of death?

There are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer

In this post I would like to discuss how these two diseases arise!

One of the main causes is “ calcification ”.

What obvious calcifications are we aware of?

  • Vascular calcification
  • Calcifications in the brain
  • Joint calcifications e.g. spine and its stiffening!
  • Kidney stones, primarily calcium
  • Gallstones, primarily calcium

Now some will think that no one ever died healthy! Yes, I agree to some extent. Only leaving this earth with dignity is different than dying from these two diseases!

In this post I'm just referring to calcium and hopefully you'll see, once again, that maybe there's a plan behind it! My challenge is to keep it short enough to be read!

Why do we “calcify”?

Where does all this calcium come from and does it really have to be supplied with food, or do we know too little about our “miracle of nature” organ system, or is something withheld from us?

Questions upon questions, which in turn lead to many more questions, my dear readers. I've been looking for answers for over 34 years and I keep finding them!

Let's start with the food and its fertilization! As early as 1960, experts complained that organically processed fertilization was preferable to artificial fertilization.

Do you know what the main proportion of artificial fertilizers is? Guess!

Did you know that when there is hyperacidity, our body can reduce this hyperacidity to a certain extent by producing calcium from it?

Our body then makes this calcium available for calcium-dependent metabolic processes. This means our body is self-sufficient!

In the natural, originally conceived diet, there would be very little calcium , but there would be a lot of silicon . Nowadays it is the opposite! The conclusion from this is that calcium does not have to be supplied to the body!

If you would like more information: Professor C. Louis Kervran (1901-1983). A summary of this was published in the 1960s!

Now, of course, I’ll talk about the cofactor, cholesterol . Many of you have certainly missed this! I wish the book “The Cholesterol Lie” was more widely known!

A short summary:

It is well known that every single one of our body cells, wherever it is located in the system, produces its own cholesterol.

And every body cell transfers the cholesterol into the blood so that this raw material, which serves as the original raw material for all hormones, reaches the glands where our hormones are produced!

And now comes an important point that you need to understand:

But if our glands no longer produce enough hormones, which has nothing to do with age but rather with a lack of vital nutrients, residual cholesterol remains!

Just by the way :

If you have high blood cholesterol levels, you should have your hormones checked! But not just cholesterol, but all manipulated guideline values ​​no longer provide any information! A lot of work has been done! Would you like a little insight:

What leads to vascular calcification?

  1. Our sometimes hectic lives coupled with unnecessary worries
  2. Uric acid, which not only comes from animal food, but our own cells also have cell nuclei that represent uric acid (cells die every day)

Our hectic lives and uric acid cause tiny injuries to the inner walls of the arterial (the supplying part) of the vascular area. These injuries are treated with cholesterol.

Just paired with too much lime. The lime combined with cholesterol acts like a two-component glue and noticeably reduces the cross-section of the arteries!

(By the way, there are no calcifications in the venous system (the part that returns to the heart)! Interesting, right!)

Forgetfulness, or we calcify:

Our entire body serves as a storage place for excess calcium, and the brain is not excluded from this. Calcium is an insulator!

The electrical signal transmission is noticeably delayed and at some point there will no longer be any signal transmission if there is enough insulation!

Everything a question of time. Our body doesn't forget, please remember that !

Day after day we usually act without thinking and suddenly we are surprised and attribute it to age! What an easy excuse to justify your own actions! I need my coffee or a piece of meat, a piece of life force, does that sound familiar?

We feel the consequences 100% of the time, with the reduction in our quality of life ! I don't stand for more days in life, but for more quality of life in those days and remember that those around you suffer with you ! Personal responsibility equals external responsibility ! Unfortunately, I’m writing from experience here! Nobody escapes!

Joint calcification, e.g. stiffening of the spine:

Do you have any idea how dynamic and flexible the spine of each of us once was! I have treated countless people and their spines felt like they were cemented!

Yes, stiff as a concrete pillar! What is unfortunately also overlooked is that all nerve strands run along the spine and lead to the organs!

If the nerve pathways are hindered in their function of sending information, this will have a detrimental effect on organ function, which will affect the entire system!

Our body is not just made up of a single instrument, but it is an orchestra! If one person plays wrong, it affects everyone !

There are now many examples of this!

Cervical spine thyroid, thoracic spine heart and lungs, lumbar spine genital organs and vessels in the legs, to name just a few!

By the way, calcium in the blood is the mineral that tones all muscles. So the tension is created. You could also write cramping. That's better!

Vessels spasm (promotes high blood pressure). What else could make us tense? What everyone probably knows are leg cramps or muscle cramps in general !

When the toes curl, or when the eyelid twitches, or when the cornea in the eye bends, when the eye muscles no longer focus the lens, carpal tunnel syndrome (tightness in the wrist), tennis elbow, tinnitus, asthma (lung spasm or spasm), etc.

It's certainly not for everyone to accept the previous lines ! It can't be that easy, some people might say! It's always worth a try to test the proposed solution!

Some of you will probably already have an idea of ​​what's to come and it's so simple that you wouldn't want to think it's possible.

But as is so often the case, it is not starting that is rewarded, but perseverance . There are also weaknesses in utilization that could be identified using an HMA (hair mineral analysis)! The crux of the matter is that so far I have only met one person who can interpret this correctly...

What is the counterpart to calcium?

It's magnesium ! It is responsible for enzymatic processes. Currently supposedly over 600 known enzymes.

What will one or the other think?

There are a variety of magnesium compounds and which one is the right one ?

And there's the rub again! For me, I want the Porsche and not the Trabant from Magnesium!

Even pharmacists learn that magnesium oxide, for example, is only 3% available in the body. What use is magnesium oxide 500 if only 15 mg works? According to the DGE, 600 mg daily is recommended! Do you still believe them?

Fear is a bad advisor!

So, depending on the circumstances, a magnesium chloride, a magnesium phosphorus, a magnesium citrate, or magnesium sulfate are useful!

There is always benefit. If you eat too much , you may end up with diarrhea, which can sometimes be a relief! Oral, transdermal or infusions are all a matter of necessity!

If there is poor oral absorption, infusion therapy is essential until the stores are filled to such an extent that the oral intake can be absorbed well again! And there it was again, the blood value, how high should it be?

Another sad incident!

Currently, magnesium blood levels at 0.75 and below can be treated, that's what it's called!

This value has been regularly shifted downwards over the last 30 years. This was once at 1.1 !

Now some people might ask themselves the question, why are we doing this? Well, you can do a lot (earn) with the symptoms of the disease!

A little tip on the side : Using a small amount of magnesium chloride brine, used as an asthma spray, eliminates the magnesium deficiency in the lungs - immediately!

And another example given :

Do you know people who were able to enjoy a spa stay on the Baltic Sea or the Dead Sea on health insurance costs (our money, rising health insurance contributions)?

What do you think was there to alleviate the symptoms (asthma). It was the magnesium chloride that was contained in the air caused by the spray. This was inhaled! So easy !

At the Dead Sea it is also the transdermal absorption, which also leads to an increase in the magnesium level in the blood!

In these locations, this “asthma disease” is almost non-existent among the residents! Should make you think !

If it is allergic asthma, then I ask that the blood magnesium level be brought to 1.1 ! By the way, I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma as being inherited. This started for me when I was 26!

No more for today . The magnesium deficiency has been compensated for for 20 years. Oral and infusions have given me back my quality of life! Anyone who wants to think that I'm perhaps an isolated case... No! Anyone who not only starts but perseveres will be rewarded, PERIOD!

Back to the initial topic, osteoporosis and calcification at the same time. How does that fit together?

Calcium supplements, as recommended in practice, do not help either. Except that you calcify faster!

Because our bones can only hold calcium in the bone if there is enough magnesium present.

Simply put: When there is a magnesium deficiency, the bone loses calcium from the skeletal system, which then leads to calcification in the body!

You wo n't find a single product in our range that contains calcium! In our opinion it is the number 1 killer!

We have three different magnesia in our range - these are our recommendation to you!

The following should be taken into account when recommending the intake:
Every person is unique due to their living conditions, which means there are weaknesses or strengths:
This means: for one, magnesium chloride works better and the combination product (magnesium phosphorus-magnesium citrate) is less well absorbed. This can only be recognized through bowel movements. If it appears mushy or diarrhea-like, the dosage is too high or a change is necessary!
My personal favorite are the pellets (a bit big, but you can share them), these are also easy to insert to add magnesium on the go!
Important insight: You cannot supply minerals into the body in reserve, you need a supply distributed throughout the day! Early-lunch-evening!

I hope you have gained new insights! If you have any questions, please send an email to

Yours, Josef Hölzl!

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Karin Horacek

Karin Horacek

Danke für den tollen Beitrag, wurde mir wieder in Erinnerung gerufen wie sich das mit Calcium und Magnesium verhält. Werde nun wieder mehr mein Augenmerk darauf richten. Vorrat wurde aufgestockt. Danke !

Karola Schrage

Karola Schrage

Guten Abend Herr Hölzl!
Das ist ein sehr hilfreicher Bericht.
Vielen Dank dafür.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Karola Schrage

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