First aid for heartburn

Erste Hilfe bei Sodbrennen - HS Activa

How does heartburn occur?

What many people don't know is that stomach acid itself is not the problem.

It is of great importance for the health of our digestive system and for the health of the entire organism. Stomach acid is just what hurts when it goes up the esophagus.

It is the first instance of destroying harmful bacteria and parasites that may arrive with food.

It is also essential for our digestion. It ensures that the chyme is further broken down and the protein is prepared for digestion.

This allows our digestive enzymes to process the food better and the nutrients and vital substances can be optimally absorbed.

There is a simple cause of regular heartburn: too little of the body's natural base , baking soda.

Molecular formulas for easy understanding:

HCL = acid

NaHC O3 = base

Our organism has a so-called saline cycle, which produces our body's own base by adding acid, sodium (salt) and oxygen.

Explained the other way around: when the salt and oxygen are split off from the body's own base, the acid is created.

In summary , we lack enough oxygen because salt is omnipresent.

I would also like to add that moderate endurance exercise represents a very efficient deacidification through the increased breathing frequency.

A distinction must be made between aerobic (oxygen saturation) and anaerobic (oxygen deficiency).

Many people know that cooked food is acidic, but why?

The heating causes the hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) to be lost, which would bring in the bases. The acids stay on the plate.

The cells of the stomach lining would always produce as much sodium hydrogen carbonate (base) as the body needs in order to then neutralize the stomach acid required for digestion.

Because after the stomach exit, in the small intestine, there is an alkaline environment. Otherwise you will get irritable bowel syndrome.

A diet with excess alkaline content would be raw food, which I don't like. So all I have left is a daily recurring addition , why do I say this?

To this day, I don't know anyone who doesn't suffer from mental health problems caused by hyperacidity as they get older! For this is the beginning of all evil, from AZ!


How do I use HS Activa Basicum correctly for heartburn?

Our Basicum from HS Activa contains high-quality 99.99% sodium hydrogen carbonate . It is therefore ideal for balancing the acid-base balance and relieving the acid load in the entire organism.

It is best to dissolve our Basicum in quality water.

My recommendation: Lauretaner, Plose or osmosis water.

Of course, deacidification and analyzing your own eating habits also make sense.

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■ Regulates the pH value: a glass of water with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate can stimulate digestion
■ Helps with heartburn and prevents kidney stones
■ Helps with bladder infections and sore muscles

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Peter Mertingk

Peter Mertingk

… das Basicum [/ 1 TL in Wasser gelöst] hilft in der Tat sehr schnell/ quasi direkt bei etwaigen Sodbrennen. Super!

Dorothea Wagner

Dorothea Wagner

Bei Pulver soll man 1/2 Teelöffel nehmen, täglich.
Wieviel Kapseln soll man aber täglich nehmen und wann?

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