Help with menstrual problems and the possible consequences in old age!

Hilfe bei Menstruationsbeschwerden und die möglichen Folgen im Alter! - HS Activa

We received these lines from a mother with two children. It's about the topic of menstrual problems ! The solution to this problem can be found at the bottom. But read for yourself...

Menstruation, period, cycle or bloodletting.

What exactly are we talking about? What exactly happens in our female body within a month?

Answered truthfully:

Very few people know! We know little about it. It's just that it's part of us as women. This is how our mothers explained it to us and their mothers explained it to us.

At least 1 week before the onset of "the period", as it is popularly known, the body tells us that it is "that time again " through pulling pains , water retention, listlessness, increased appetite, irritability and various other symptoms.

We are often faced with the decision to get a pain reliever in order to be able to cope better with everyday life. With the aim of not feeling even more “drained” !

If you could, as a mother you would take the pain away from your own daughters... Unfortunately, that is not in "our power". What can I do as a woman and mother to make life easier for my daughter and I, with feminine nature?

Facilitating means: Especially not falling into this “negative cycle of the rule”. But to be able to live a more positive, pain-free and therefore “normal” life as a woman.

Life is about give and take.

If a woman gives up so much energy every month through menstruation, the logical conclusion would be that she should get some back?!

Or not letting it get that far in the first place. Keyword prevention!

But how does that work?

Written by: Carmen S. 56 years old, mother of two daughters.

The question Carmen asked herself:

How to reduce the “suffering” of menstruation?

I was happy to take up the question because these events are also happening in my life.

As a father (58 years old) of three girls, a stepdaughter (31 years old) and two biological daughters (13 + 14 years old), I have had to experience the “ inconveniences ” countless times!

From this incident I thought to myself: "How can you relieve the pain , or what can you do to prevent the many side effects ?"

I've thought about this repeatedly. From this information it was quickly clear and comprehensible what a new product in the HS-ACTIVA range should contain!

Carmen has already suggested it correctly: Life is about give and take.

Before and during the period , the female body uses and loses essential micro and macronutrients . From the evaluation of over 30,000 hair mineral analyses, we know: These nutrients are usually not sufficiently present before your period ...

It is important not only to supply them, but to replenish them . And then to keep an eye on it on a recurring basis in order to counteract all of the women's known aging problems, usually accelerated after pregnancy.

It is therefore recommended to take it permanently !

We have developed a new product for this purpose. More information here:

10% discount: Order a product against menstrual cramps in our shop!

■ Against PMS: Helps with mood swings, inner restlessness, fatigue, digestive problems, sleep disorders...

■ Supports emotional balance: For well-being before/during and after your period

■ Prevents long-term damage: Put an end to weak connective tissue and osteoporosis thanks to the specially developed nutrient complex

These are the ingredients that make our product so special


Due to the numerous elementary bodily functions of magnesium, a magnesium deficiency usually causes several symptoms at the same time;

  • Muscles: muscle cramps, colic, dizziness, tremors in the hands and legs, etc.
  • Vitality: Rapid exhaustion, fatigue, tiredness, sleep disorders, etc.
  • Neurological/nervous: Inner restlessness and tension, irritability, depression, lethargy, etc.
  • Cardiovascular vessels: palpitations, rapid heartbeat, spasm of the coronary arteries, cold feet and hands, etc.
  • Pain: lower back and back pain, headaches, tension headaches due to narrowing of the blood vessels, etc.
  • Metabolic: Increased blood sugar levels, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc


A deficiency of potassium , which is the counterpart to our often excessive consumption of table salt (sodium chloride), can promote the following symptoms in the organism, as it is essential for nerve stimulus transmission (signal transmission):

Cardiac arrhythmias, muscle weakness, fatigue, constipation, flatulence, increased nervousness, etc.


Zinc is a basic requirement for our organism to be able to produce all of its hormones .

Derived from this, the following problems arise in the event of a defect :

Skin changes, impaired wound healing, hair loss, growth delays, increased susceptibility to infections and much more

Iron & Vitamin B12

The iron in the blood, in 100% interaction with vitamin B12, is irreplaceable for the production of vital red blood pigment (hemoglobin). Iron and B12 are required for oxygen transport and therefore for cellular respiration (energy production) .

A defect becomes noticeable as follows:

Pale skin and mucous membranes, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, loss of performance, difficulty concentrating, muscle weakness, depression and much more.

vitamin C

Vitamin C has far-reaching tasks and in interaction with other nutrients, it supports our organism in:

Antioxidant processes, strong connective tissue (e.g. varicose veins, spider veins, hemorrhoids = collagen build-up), strengthening of the immune system, etc.


First of all: We know from our hair analyzes that almost everyone has a silicon deficiency !

Silicon is the central mineral of fluid connective tissue .

This “trace element” regulates the development and maintenance of connective tissue including bone and cartilage tissue.

Silicon plays a dominant role in the regulation of protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Silicon deficiency symptoms can include:

Wrinkling, reduced skin elasticity, brittle fingernails, osteoporosis, loss of valuable muscles, intervertebral disc damage, arthrosis, arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis patients have been proven to have up to 10 times less silicon than healthy people!


The little or no longer known super mineral for our brain and soul ! Probably the most important process that lithium ensures in our organism is that it promotes the growth of nerve cells !

Lithium is a superconductor, without which nothing in the “electricity” industry would work! Our organism is also an electrically conductive cell state!

This ultratrace element can provide effective help in preventing and treating :

Dementia, Parkinson's, mental disorders, aggressiveness, fears, addiction, ADHD, etc.


As is well known, the female metabolism enters a recurring cycle from puberty onwards. And that over the course of several decades . During this time there is an increased need for specific nutrients (due to blood loss).

This is easy to see. Therefore, it was long overdue to develop a nutrient combination!

This new product, unique in its formulation, should be taken without interruption . This will help you counteract the hardships and deprivations that recur every month!

I am very happy, not to mention proud, to be able to offer such a solution to more than just my girls!

10% discount: Order a product against menstrual cramps in our shop!

■ Against PMS: Helps with mood swings, inner restlessness, fatigue, digestive problems, sleep disorders...

■ Supports emotional balance: For well-being before/during and after your period

■ Prevents long-term damage: Put an end to weak connective tissue and osteoporosis thanks to the specially developed nutrient complex

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Ich (61) schließe mich Mariannes Meinung an! Aus eigener Erfahrung muss es nicht zwangsläufig sehr schmerzhaft sein. Etwas kneifen im Unterbauch, so waren meine ersten Erfahrungen damit, als ich fast 16 Jahre alt war. Meine beiden Töchter(fast 40 und bald 36) klagten auch niemals.
Weiß aber von anderen befreundeten Frauen von den von Ihnen geschilderten Symptomen. Auch schmerzhafter Periode von Frauen, denen sexuelle Gewalt angetan wurde.
Generell erlebte ich Frauen, die durch Tee, der aus frischen Blättern des Frauenmantels aus dem Garten zubereitet wurde, eine enorme Erleichterung erfuhren. Dieser Tee soll bei allen Frauenbeschwerden helfen! Vielleicht wissen Sie mehr über die aktiven Inhaltsstoffe des Frauenmanteltees?
Selber begrüße ich die optimale Nährstoffversorgung als eine Grundlage für die Gesundheit.



Eine Entschuldigung ist nicht von Nöten, es treten immer mal Probleme auf. Kein Problem!!! Vielen lieben Dank für die Information über dieses Produkt… Ich nehme dies alles bereits und habe zum Glück noch etwas Ashgawandha, welches mir bei der schweren Endometriose sehr hilft… Das H2O2 ohne Stabilisatoren habe ich bereits an viele weiterempfohlen, ein wundervolles Produkt… Weiter so und liebe Grüße



Das sieht so aus wie wenn man das auch als Seniorin noch einnehmen könnte …🤔😊

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