What is MMS about?

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“Chlorine dioxide is the most effective bacteria killer known to mankind.” (American Society for Analytical Chemistry, 1999)

MMS is a mineral substance that, in the right dosage, successfully fights harmful microorganisms and parasites in the organism or in drinking water. It is not a medication but a mineral preparation. It has proven its power in numerous applications against malaria pathogens, against AIDS, against worms and diverse microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria or streptococci.

“MMS – the breakthrough” – the book you should know

Away from the established research of the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine, the former NASA engineer Jim Humble developed a substance that can correctly be called a disinfectant and is now known as MMS.

From 1996 to 2006 he researched practical and safe applications of MMS. So that his research results would not be buried in a foundation or made inaccessible through patent law, he decided to write and publish a book about it that would provide all interested people with knowledge about it and even give precise instructions on how to produce MMS yourself .

This book was published in 2007 in the German-speaking world under the title “MMS – the breakthrough” .

In view of the looming crisis, which will also lead to a crisis in established health care, it is appropriate to integrate such knowledge into individual precautions in a timely manner and to draw practical conclusions from it.

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How MMS was discovered

The chemical industry has been producing sodium chlorite for 90 years. This substance contains sodium, chlorine and oxygen. It tends to convert into sodium chloride, the table salt we know, releasing oxygen. Pure sodium chlorite therefore reacts explosively with flammable substances.

Sodium chlorite came onto the market as a low-percentage solution under the name “stabilized oxygen”. For example, it has been used for drinking water treatment for many years because of its germicidal effect.

Jim Humble observed how American farmers used stabilized oxygen added to feed or given directly to sick animals to keep their livestock healthy. This obviously worked.

When he went searching for gold in Guyana in 1996, he brought stabilized oxygen with him to sterilize water along the way. A member of the expedition contracted malaria in the wilderness. In the absence of other options, Jim Humble gave him stabilized oxygen, and the patient recovered within a few hours. Jim Humble later set out to research this phenomenal healing success.

What is MMS?

MMS is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2). Sodium chlorite, in turn, is a salt that is formed when caustic soda reacts with chlorous acid. Since a strong alkali reacts with a comparatively weak acid, the salt solution is slightly basic. When sodium chlorite breaks down, table salt (NaCl) and water are formed, two substances that are completely harmless to the human body.

The disinfectant effect is caused by chlorine dioxide released by activated sodium chlorite. Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent. Similar to oxygen, it can attach to hemoglobin and is transported to all parts of the body in the blood. Chlorine dioxide oxidizes by stealing electrons from negatively charged compounds and binding them to itself.

Jim Humble discovered how chlorine dioxide can be released gradually in a delayed manner without putting undue strain on the organism. For this purpose, an acid is added to the sodium chlorite for activation/neutralization, for example citric acid or acetic acid. After three minutes of reaction time, sufficient chlorine dioxide is formed.

What does MMS do?

The released chlorine dioxide attacks oxygen-poor, anaerobic and negatively charged cells such as viruses, tumor cells, etc. and oxidizes them explosively. The cells die. While the first chlorine dioxide uses up its reaction energy, more is released and continues the reaction process.

In this way, chlorine dioxide also accelerates the renewal process of the body's tissues by also attacking dying cells. The physical defense reaction to this leads to a strong activation of the immune system.

If there are no longer any options for reaction in this regard, the chlorine dioxide is carried in the blood to the pollutant deposits in the body. It oxidizes them and prepares them for excretion through the kidneys or liver.

The last two aspects mentioned make MMS appear to be a “fountain of youth” because typical aging processes in the body are stopped or even reversed.

Taking MMS activates the body to peak performance, which naturally has to be followed by rest periods. If taken regularly as a “care product”, MMS should only be taken three times a week with six drops each. You have to strictly adhere to the dosage.

How is MMS dosed?

Put 1 drop each of sodium chlorite and citric acid in a glass and let the mixture react for three minutes. Then fill it up with 200 ml of water or fruit juice for use.

Attention : Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is not suitable for this because it interrupts the release of chlorine dioxide!

Six drops of activated MMS are enough to disinfect sixty liters of drinking water over a period of twelve hours.

For certain acute cases, there are dosages of up to 15 drops, each containing five times the amount of citric acid. Find out more in Jim Humble's book.

Caution: Do not take undiluted, keep away from children, wash out splashes on the skin or in the eyes with a large amount of water. Do not allow MMS and its mixture to come into contact with metal! Protect from too much light and direct sunlight. MMS is not a “cure” or “medicine” and does not replace diagnosis and the necessary therapies. It is used for “disinfection”. If you are ill, you should always seek competent advice and help. All information is for informational purposes. No liability is assumed for misuse and/or damage due to the information provided and/or MMS.

Order a water disinfection set based on chlorine dioxide (MMS) in our shop!

Contains citric acid 50% and sodium chlorite 22.5% (50 ml each)

For inactivating germs, viruses, spores, disinfection | Mineralization and structuring of drinking water

Water purification drops deactivate viruses, bacteria & parasites through oxidation

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Ciao Herr Hoelzl, ich finde das sehr gut, dass Sie fertiges MMS anbieten, denn viele Menschen haben grossen Respekt vor der Selbstherstellung. Was ich aber mit erschrecken gelesen habe ist, dass durch MMS auch Mikroorganismen wie Milchsaeurebakterien angegriffen bzw. vernichtet werden sollen? Sind Sie sicher? Ich bemuehe mich staendig meiner Familie fermentiertes Gemuese, das durch Milchsaeurebakterien entsteht, anzubieten. Sie unterstuetzen die Darmflora bestens, dafuer gibt es ja genuegend Informationen.
Herzliche Gruesse
Sabina Voigt

Karin Jansen-thiemer

Karin Jansen-thiemer

Ich nehme bereits die wasserstoffperoxydlösung mit 3.5 % von ihnen.. die hat doch den gleichen effekt oder nicht? Sollte man mms dann doch noch zusätzlich oder stattdessen nehmen?
Lg jansen-thiemer

Ritter Mario

Ritter Mario

wie lange auf diese Art haltbar ?



Stellen Sie bitte den Teppich in die Ecke neben den Briefkasten, falls ich das klingeln nicht höre.
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