5 boosters for beautiful & natural hair

5 Booster für schöne  & natürliche Haare - HS Activa

Our hair is very present. Right in the middle of our heads, they make up a part of our personality and reflect our physical and psychological state. If you suffer from hair problems, it can be very stressful because it is difficult to hide.

Finding the cause can be difficult because many factors come into play. For example, hair problems can be a result of hormonal imbalances, iron deficiency, stress, thyroid disease or even poor nutrition.

In addition, hair loss, for example, only occurs several weeks later. If your hair is falling out, the cause may have been several months ago . And who knows what could have happened a few months ago that could have caused hair loss?

However, if you take care of your hair from the inside with the right vitamins and minerals, then you can eliminate many of the possible causes on a purely prophylactic basis without even having to know about them.

Here are our 5 best tips against hair problems:

Tip number 1: All In One

Our All In One contains, among other things, all the important B vitamins. B vitamins are important for the elasticity and repair processes of the skin and the growth of hair . Each B vitamin supports the beauty of the hair in its own way.

For example, the B vitamins stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and activate essential metabolic processes in the hair roots. They also ensure a healthy scalp and prevent inflammation.

Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is particularly well known for beautiful skin, hair and nails. If you suffer from thin, brittle and dull hair, or perhaps even hair loss, then biotin can be particularly helpful for you.

Order all in one in our shop!

■ All important vitamins, minerals and trace elements in one product (and in high doses)!
■ Simple supplement: Only the most important nutrients are included. 1 – 2 capsules per day are enough.
■ Natural complex that has been regularly optimized since 2005

Tip number 2: Zinc + Vitamin C

As an important trace element in our body, zinc is vital for a variety of biological processes.

A good zinc level in the body can support hair growth , as it activates numerous enzymes from which skin, hair and fingernails also benefit.

Since zinc has an anti-inflammatory effect , it can protect our hair roots from inflammation and keep the scalp healthy .

Our zinc also contains vitamin C and as you have probably already noticed in many of our newsletters, vitamin C is a real all-rounder!

And of course it also contributes to the health of your hair. Vitamin C can help ensure that the hair roots are better supplied with oxygen and iron because it supports the binding of iron to the red blood cells.

Vitamin C also improves skin and hair structure by supporting the new formation of the structural proteins collagen and elastin.

Order zinc + vitamin C in our shop!

■ Cell renewal: The trace element zinc converts proteins from food into the body's own protein
■ Blood sugar regulation: Zinc is also part of the insulin regulation of the pancreas
■ Vitamin C is added: it is considered a cofactor for zinc and increases its effectiveness.

Tip number 3: Silicon

Silicon is THE trace element that is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails . However, it is also very important for healthy bones because silicon is always present where the bone tissue is regenerating. It gives us stability and elasticity by promoting the formation of the connective tissue fibers elastin and collagen.

It is highly recommended, especially for brittle hair!

Order silicon in our shop!

Brain & Muscles: Improves metabolism and physical performance in the brain. Increases the quality and quantity of muscles
Skin & Hair: Ensures growth, shine and strengthening of the hair and elasticity and tone of the skin
Bones & Joints: Stabilizes against osteoporosis. Supports the formation of cartilage in the joints

Tip number 4: Multimineral

Especially in the event of hair loss, the body's mineral reserves should be checked (e.g. with a hair mineral analysis!) and replenished.

Our current unhealthy lifestyle and diet ensure that the body's need for alkaline minerals increases massively. To neutralize the acids, the body borrows minerals from the hair base and uses it as a storage facility for neutralized acids.

This means that the hair roots now lack minerals. The slagging of the hair base also deteriorates blood circulation in the scalp, which means that the hair roots are insufficiently supplied with nutrients and eventually fall out.

With the help of our multimineral you can supply your hair roots with the basic minerals they need for healthy growth.

Order multimineral in our shop!

■ All important alkaline minerals in one product !
■ Fewer headaches and migraines: Magnesium can prevent tension headaches!
■ Better sleep: Magnesium increases sleep quality and naturally lowers blood pressure!

Tip number 5: alkaline bath

To support your body's healthy acid-base balance, you can also take an alkaline bath regularly.

An alkaline bath neutralizes the acidic pH value of our skin and also removes unnecessary toxins. Among other things, the toxins that disrupt the blood circulation in our scalp.

Order alkaline bath in our shop!

■ High-quality contents : magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, rock crystal = silicon dioxide, amethyst, rose quartz, red jasper

■ Alkaline bath additive : Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, our bath salt brings the pH value of the bath water into the alkaline range.

■ Acid-base balance : By bathing with an alkaline bath salt, the acidic environment of the skin is neutralized and the acid-base balance of the body is therefore sought

■ That's why an alkaline bath : faster regeneration of the muscles. Alkaline baths are an effective way to flush acids out of the body. The skin feels particularly soft and supple after the alkaline bath

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