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Everyday Tips - 112 uses for baking soda

By Josef Hölzl March 16, 2021

We came across a very interesting blog post from the US about baking soda! There 112 uses for baking soda are listed.

We have translated this and would like to offer it here as a PDF for download.

Here is the link to the PDF:

Learn lots of helpful tips for everyday life:

  • 29 Tips on Health & Beauty
  • 11 tips on cooking
  • 15 tips on kitchen
  • 7 tips on bathroom
  • 5 tips on laundry
  • 17 tips on General cleaning
  • 4 tips on children
  • 6 tips about pets

Here is the link to the PDF:

Here is the link to the original:

As you will see in the PDF, you can use baking soda for a lot of things.

Here we recommend our sodium bicarbonate (soda) as a powder.

You can also take it orally. Among other things, it helps with heartburn, bladder infections, sore muscles and prevents kidney stones! It is recommended to take it as capsules.

You can get the product here:

Order sodium bicarbonate (soda) in our shop - as capsules or as a powder!

■ Many possible uses, see PDF above!
■ Helps with heartburn and prevents kidney stones!
■ Helps in cystitis and muscle soreness!

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  • Klasse die Tips ;)

    Thomas Kutschke on

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