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The emergence of the HS Activa products

Josef Holzl

I'm 58 years young with a unique wife and 2 beautiful teenage daughters. Our current residence has been the Dominican Republic, my wife's home country, for 2 years.

In the age of the Internet I have the advantage of running my business with my employees anywhere in the world.

I was born in Lower Bavaria in a family of entrepreneurs. Although I should have joined my family's construction company, I chose a different path. For many years (1985 - 2012) I ran several fitness studios and was dedicated to fitness and health and was very successful in it.

But then the shock...

But sometimes things turn out differently than you think. So I had to suffer for 10 years from health restrictions: severe allergy sufferers, asthma, skin rashes and a number of other side effects...

And... despite my very healthy lifestyle. That gave me a lot to think about at the time.

What's wrong? What's happening here? Questions upon questions...

During this time, I learned that "questioning everything" and "perseverance" always lead to solutions.

The one event that changed everything...

After 10 years of suffering I finally got to know my quality of life saver Dr. Michael Spitzbart and ortomolecular physician Udo Smerd.

You opened my eyes to the fact that we humans can only function if we give our engine what it needs to heal itself.

It was at this time that I realized what was my destiny and my mission in life.

That's why I get up every morning...

I want to help people relieve and heal their suffering. I decided to sell my gym and take care of the human miracle.

Although classical medicine has already put me in the category of "permanent patient", my mentor Udo Smerd showed me on my body that nothing, but also nothing at all, is impossible.

Now I enjoy the best of health without any restrictions. Today I'm more than happy that I didn't accept the offers of conventional medicine , especially since I could see what happens with many of my gym members...

Today I am running an international company and I have made it my mission to alleviate and heal people's ailments in natural ways.

In cooperation with my mentors and reading thousands of natural knowledge - some of which have been lost - I develop recipes with my partners that help our body to heal itself.

A human miracle - always fascinating for me...

My motto and my mission is:

"Find the root of your suffering and give your body what it needs to find itself again.“

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a smile from someone who has been relieved of their suffering

Your Josef Hölzl

Udo Smerd

From "Ironman" almost to early retirement...

As a high-performance athlete and triathlete, I was at the age of 34 energetically at the end of my life.

6 months of dizziness, states of anxiety, numbness in hands and feet, dramatic lack of energy, cardiac arrhythmia through to myocardial spasm made an "Ironman" almost an early retiree.

After some research I came into contact with Orthomolecular Medicine, which described exactly what I was missing.

My way to health...

Within a very short time my state of health improved dramatically, which inspired me, as a soldier at the time, to change my life to complete a 6-semester degree and further training to become a nutrition and vital substance specialist to work and teach people the causes of disease.

The resulting development of vital substances led after a few years to meeting Josef Hölzl. He first came to me as a patient and a little later the foundation of Hs Activa (Hölzl-Smerd ) decided.

My goal...

Since this point in time, a large spectrum of vital substances has developed that can be used in a targeted manner with hair analyzes to suit any indication. I see this as my life's work and I hope to be able to help many people benevolently.

Therefore HS Activa products!

High bioavailability

We only use raw materials that the human body can absorb quickly and easily

100% organic and GMO free

We use valuable plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation or the best natural raw materials available worldwide.

Highly dosed ingredients

We only use high-dose plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and vitamins for our products.

Over 15 years of experience

For more than 15 years, Josef Hölzl has been developing dietary supplements that he always wanted himself as an athlete