Vitamin B12 ban on Amazon

Almost 2 weeks ago we talked about possible maximum amounts of dietary supplements on our blog (can be read here: )

Now it has arrived quicker than expected... Since the article focused primarily on vitamin D3, we were of the opinion that this vitamin would be the first to hit...

We were wrong here... It wasn't vitamin D3 that was hit, but vitamin B12 !

Please refer:

You can no longer sell vitamin B12 with more than 500 micrograms on Amazon. This now also affects our preparation with 1000 micrograms , so we can no longer offer our vitamin B12 on Amazon...

Luckily we still have our own online shop.

The question that now arises: How long can we continue to sell it on our shop? - We don't know the answer ...

Since we still have a lot of cans in stock and currently don't know how long we'll be able to sell them, we're offering a warehouse sale starting today! There is a 10% discount on our vitamin B12 until May 31st!

Order vitamin B12 with a 10% discount in our shop!

Strengthens well-being and physical performance
✔ Protects the nervous system
✔ Important for blood formation
✔ Increases concentration

When you click on the orange link, 10% will automatically be deducted!

Or enter this code in the voucher field in the shopping cart: b12-10

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Gerhard Schultheiß

Gerhard Schultheiß

Ich denke, dass Amazon selbst kein Interesse an diesem Verbot hat. Wer also hat Vitamin B12 >500mikrogramm wirklich verboten?



Was bezwecken Sie mit dieser Information???
Auf Amazon wird nach wie vor (und Ihre angebliche Mail von Amazon ist vom 13.05.20) hochdosiertes Vitamin B12 angeboten. 1000, 1300 und sogar 5000 mcg.

Kristina Drevikovsky

Kristina Drevikovsky

Hallo liebes Team,
ich habe zwei Fragen:
Ich habe heute die Mail mit der Info erhalten über Vit. B12 mit einem Link.
In diesem bieten Sie Rabatt bis 31.3.20 an. Das ist seltsam.
Auch schreiben Sie in der Produktbeschreibung von Vit. B12 von Tabletten, aber auf dem Bild sieht es nach Kapseln aus.
Ich freue mich über Ihre Nachricht.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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