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Several thoughtful customers have forwarded us the following article in the last few weeks (thank you for that):

There, once again, there is a warning about dietary supplements. Federal Minister of Nutrition Julia Klöckner (CDU) is calling for a maximum quantity regulation for dietary supplements.

There is a lot of focus on vitamin D. It can be assumed that Klöckner requires a maximum amount of 1000 IU per capsule. In our opinion, a real scandal!

For us, vitamin D3 is one of the most important vitamins that you should supplement! On this page we would like to educate you so that you understand how important vitamin D3 is.


Rohe Energie made a very good video in which he responds to the article:

Raw Energy:


We can only recommend the lecture by Dr. Points about vitamin D3:

Please take your time for the entire video (very important!):


What we Germans knew about antirachitic vitamin D before 1920!

Excerpt from the book, “Healthy through Vitamins” - The vital substances in our food and their importance for human health and medicine! - From Dr. med. et phil. Gerhard Venzmer - published in 1935!

Here is the link to the PDF ( click here! )


Vitamin D3 and Corona. Raw energy addresses both studies. Here is the link to it:

Can vitamin D protect against severe progression of COVID-19:

Our Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU or 30,000 IU

Suitable for: Stable bones, strong muscles, mental fitness, prevention of osteoporosis, athletic performance
Vitamin D3 helps against the so-called “hibernation syndrome” (depression, mental exhaustion, restlessness and sleep disorders, etc.)
Highly dosed for your immune system and well-being

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Gerhard Schultheiß

Gerhard Schultheiß

Es wird höchste Zeit, diese so ziemlich auf der ganzen Linie untaugliche Frau Klöckner zu verbieten!

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