MAP amino acids: The basic supply for the body

MAP Aminosäuren: Die Grundversorgung für den Körper - HS Activa

Amino acids. The term is used very often in competitive sports, but also in muscle building.

But what are amino acids? And what are MAP amino acids? Questions that should be answered very precisely in the following sections, because the MAP amino acids are not just a nutritional supplement for competitive athletes.

Anyone who deals with the topic of amino acids and MAP amino acids will quickly meet a gentleman, Prof. Dr. M. Lucà-Moretti.

Prof. Dr. M. Lucà-Moretti has worked on the topic of amino acids and amino acid administration for 30 years. He is considered the discoverer of the “Master Pattern”.

His intensive research work at the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) has made it possible for the amino acid patterns in all living things to be deciphered.

From this research it was possible to draw conclusions about the ratio in which the eight essential amino acids must be present in the human organism. This research led to the breakthrough in understanding the composition in which the amino acids must be present in order to be used as fully as possible to build cells.

It has been shown that the deviation from this ideal value must be as small as possible in order to keep the net nitrogen utilization (NNU) low.

These findings led to the breakthrough in the development of the Master Amino Pattern, a highly efficient product for optimal protein supply.

MAP amino acids: the most important things at a glance:

    • The MAP amino acid pellets are 100% pure food
    • They consist of 100% free-crystalline amino acids
    • The usability is 99%
    • Hardly any calories
    • Hardly any waste materials (nitrogen)
    • The amino acids are obtained from corn
    • They do not contain any additives
    • MAP amino acids have no contraindications
    • MAP amino acid pellets provide an optimal ratio of the eight essential amino acids

Order MAP Amino in our shop!

MAP-Amino provides you with all 8 vital amino acids that the human body needs!

All 8 essential amino acids in the perfect ratio so that the human body can absorb 99% of them!

Small pellet, 100% vegan and pleasant to swallow !

Why are amino acids so important?

Proteins, or rather protein, are made up of small building blocks called amino acids. These amino acids are essential for the human body, i.e. vital.

The amino acids, usually from food, are absorbed through the blood and transported to parts of the body where they are converted into the body's own protein.

The amino acids are responsible, for example, for the production of male and female hormones. They are also one of the most important building blocks of the immune system.

It now quickly becomes obvious why you should pay attention to a good supply of amino acids. This works best with the MAP – Master Amino Pattern.

Note: Why do you need protein? Protein, also known as egg white, can support the body to a great extent. Protein should be taken primarily to support cell generation and muscle building. Of course, proteins are important in many areas of the body. The immune system is also constantly supported by the proteins.

What is so special about MAP?

Protein is known to be an important component of the human diet. But where do proteins help you? They are involved in building muscle, they prevent the breakdown of muscle mass and what seems even more important: they also help the immune system.

Normally people are encouraged to consume proteins through food. Fish, eggs, meat and dairy products should also be consumed.

Unfortunately, waste products are often produced when the protein obtained from various food sources is utilized. These waste products are nitrogen. This waste product can arise primarily because the amino acid composition is not completely intended for the cell structure of the human body.

Studies have found that on average, 68 percent nitrogen is produced as waste when food is consumed. In this case, the composition of the amino acids is not completely tailored to the human metabolism. The optimal composition of the 8 essential amino acids was discovered after lengthy research.

This resulted in a usability of 99 percent. For this reason, when using MAP – Master Amino Pattern, there is very little nitrogen waste and therefore hardly any calories.

At the same time, after taking MAP, more valuable amino acids are available for cell building. MAP amino acids currently offer the highest protein nutritional value in the world, which no other food or dietary supplement can currently match.

What effect do MAP amino acids have?

The composition of the MAP amino acid pellets is not the only feature that can be highlighted, as the quick availability should also be addressed. If you decide to take MAP amino acids, the pellet will be fully utilized in the small intestine after just 23 minutes.

The MAP amino acids are then available for all body functions. The MAP amino acid pellets are ideal for a complete protein supply.

Notes on intake: Take daily. The MAPs are taken one to three times a day. Five tablets are provided per dose.

Attention: The quantity of pellets is adjusted to gender and age.

Who should use MAP Articles?

Typically, such supplies only appeal to athletes. But non-athletes can also benefit from the income from the items.

MAP are suitable for the following groups of people, among others:

    • Pregnant women
    • People with impaired protein digestion
    • People who do hard physical work
    • People recovering from injuries and surgeries
    • For high BMI (people who want to lose weight)
    • Vegans and vegetarians
    • People aged 40 and over

How is MAP composed?

The MAP items are not medications. MAP protein is a food that is highly tolerated. MAP consists of 100% highly pure, free and crystalline amino acids.

MAP composition:

    • L-Leucine (19.6%)
    • L-Valine (16.6%)
    • L-Isoleucine (14.8%)
    • L-Lysine (14.3%)
    • L-Phenylalanine (12.9%)
    • L-Threonine (11.1%)
    • L-methionine (7.0%),
    • L-Tryptophan (3.7%)

MAP is a vegan product made from corn. It is therefore also recommended for people with a vegan diet.

What are the benefits of taking MAP?

Aside from the fact that MAP items contain essential amino acids, taking them can provide you with the following benefits:

    • good protein supply
    • low nitrogen balance
    • high bioavailability
    • The body is not burdened with unnecessary calories

What are the benefits of amino acids for athletes?

Athletes who specifically rely on amino acids also have their advantages when taking them. These primarily relate to the following aspects:

    • The ratio of body protein synthesis can be optimized
    • Optimization of muscle strength, muscle mass and muscle endurance
    • Shortened recovery time after training
    • Optimization of the digestive process

Note: The time it takes to achieve a positive result may vary depending on the user. So you won't feel an effect immediately after taking it for the first time.

Can you lose weight with MAP?

The key questions for many women who would like to declare war on weight. Can you lose weight with amino acids in the composition MAP? It works. If you as a user adhere to certain guidelines, it is possible.

By using the MAP, users not only have the opportunity to achieve healthy weight loss, but also receive a detoxification treatment that frees the body of all harmful substances.

How can you use MAP in this area?

It's actually very simple. If you want to lose weight with MAP, you have to stick to a healthy diet. No sugar, no carbohydrates, no salt and no dairy products. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sufficient when combined with MAP. It's not just the diet that needs to be taken into account, but also the quantity of meals.

In order to achieve weight loss success, the basal metabolic rate should remain constant. It doesn't help to starve. This can cause the body to enter an emergency state and trigger the memory function. The opposite principle occurs. By using MAP products, everyone has the opportunity to nourish the body efficiently and reduce the unsightly water retention that occurs due to salty and incorrect nutrition.

A quick note: exercise is important even when using MAP to lose weight. The MAP items can only be used efficiently in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

Why can taking MAP products be more health-promoting than taking dietary proteins?

The differences between the two protein sources are the resulting nitrogen breakdown products. These are significantly lower when taking MAP, making it healthier to take.

MAP produces only 1% of nitrogen breakdown products. Completely in contrast to conventional sources of proteins. There are of course other aspects. MAP is very low in calories, which makes losing weight easier. In addition, the MAP is free of fat, which is not the case with normal dietary proteins.

The same effect can be seen in the sugar levels, because these are not present either. Metabolic products are also not produced when taking MAP products. This makes it worthwhile for “non-athletes” to choose MAP products over normal protein sources.

Order MAP Amino in our shop!

MAP-Amino provides you with all 8 vital amino acids that the human body needs!

All 8 essential amino acids in the perfect ratio so that the human body can absorb 99% of them!

Small pellet, 100% vegan and pleasant to swallow !

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Frau K

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Doris Kind

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